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Lolita's Legacy

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L'institut est honoré de proposer le programme de formation Lolita's Legacy, mis en place par Lolita San Miguel, élève directe de Joseph et Clara Pilates (qui fut certifiée par Joseph Pilates).

La formation "l'héritage de Lolita" (Lolita's Legacy) est basée sur l'héritage que Lolita San Miguel a reçu de la part de Joseph Pilates ainsi que d'autres merveilleux professeurs (comme Clara Pilates, Carola Trier, Cathy Grant et Brend Anderson).

Lolita est une des deux seules élèves à avoir été certifiée par le créateur de la méthode Joseph Pilates en 1967. Ceci fait d'elle est, la seule élève encore en vie qui a pu découvrir son dernier travail et peut à ce jour transmettre les dernières évolutions de la méthode Pilates tel que Joseph les enseignait avant son décès.

Après plus de 5 ans de préparation, Lolita San Miguel finalise son cursus complet de formation Pilates qui intègre pleinement ses plus de 56 ans d'expérience professionnelle dans le mouvement du corps humain avec la méthode Pilates et tout l'héritage qu'elle a reçu de la part de Joseph et Clara Pilates.

C'est une formation riche en découverte, en pratique et en maitrise de la méthode pour vous faire évoluer vers ce que vous pouvez devenir de meilleur en tant qu'élève et enseignant en Pilates avec un corps sain dans un esprit sain.

L'enseignement est dispensé par Katia Hammouche, élève de seconde génération, formée et mandatée directement par Lolita San Miguel pour transmettre ce cursus complet de formation en France.

La formation est reconnue par La Pilates Method Alliance (PMA)

Toutes les informations sur le programme proposé figurent sur notre plateforme d’éducateurs francophones à travers le lien suivant:

Attention places limitées à 8 élèves

Prochaine session débute en juin / septembre 2017

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Wendy LeBlanc - Arbuckle

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Over my 40 years of teaching, I have come to deeply appreciate the innate intelligence of my body and have learned to listen to its messages.
Out of this appreciation, this deeper listening, I have developed the 3Core Connections® Embodied Perspective…not as some new concept or belief system, but as a compelling inquiry into “what is CORE, from the body’s perspective”.

When we are willing to be curious, we alter how we see, sense, touch and “cue” movement potential as students and practitioners.
We become fascinated with the deep relationships between the phenomena of our natural respiratory rhythm, the embryonic field that guides our self-organizing body from birth to death, and the innate health that supports our biointelligent organism from a global perspective.
This curiosity and awareness influences our human movement patterning, which shapes us, along with our ability to grow as conscious beings as we grow as practitioners.
In this workshop, we will explore moving within the Pilates repertoire, through the portal of the 3Core Connections® Embodied Perspective:

  • Discovering the embodied timing and patterning that supports awakening:
    • the “Dome of Lower Core” of your feet and legs to pelvic floor/spine…
    • the “Dome of Central Core” of your pelvic floor, spine/diaphragm to palate/cranium…and
    • the “Dome of Upper Core” of your spine, thoracic inlet/armpits, palate/cranium, hands, and
    • how they all “ROOT through the girdles” to the “breathing spine”…integrating the whole body in relationship with the gravitational field.
  • Discovering how your breath’s “fascial elastic recoil” works with your lumbodorsal fascial support to create whole body presence, internal strength, flexibility and ease.
  • Discovering the “ankles/knees” and “wrists/elbows” as “kinetic centers” which can amplify or inhibit movement at the Upper and Lower Gravity Centers;
  • Discovering an updated, fluid, fascial “biointelligent language” from your unlimited creativity and perceptual awareness, by focusing on “what’s working” or “what’s missing”, rather than “what’s right/wrong”…profoundly influencing your approach to teaching and moving in your own practice… and in life.
The 3Core Connections® Embodied Perspective empowers us to find our own voice and teaching style. In our willingness to question our point of view, we open to being fully present with what is happening.

Through this portal of “embodied anatomy”, we can move beyond static “muscle/bone” cadaver based studies to a “functional, fascial, fluid” perspective, allowing us to see the body’s vital relationships from foot to head and hand that support us moving in the world with a global consciousness that grows us, as fully alive, aware, self-healing beings.

Wendy is an International leader in embodied movement education, with a 40 year background in holistic health, and lifelong studies and collaborations with distinguished pioneers in yoga, Pilates, Structural Integration bodywork, somatic arts and sciences, dynamic breathwork and energy medicine.

Wendy studied with 5 of the Pilates Elders who studied directly with Joseph Pilates, and has been inspired by the diversity of their teaching expressions. Additionally, her extensive yoga background, along with studies with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Emilie Conrad, Susan Harper, Judith Aston, Tom Myers, The Guild for Structural Integration, Hubert Godard, Phillip Beach and Jaap van der Wal, with profound breath, fascial and ontological studies, helped Wendy develop her own “biointelligent” voice.

Her vision has been to illuminate the universal core principles that underlie all great bodymind practices, enabling students and practitioners of any discipline to discover their wholeness through cultivating their own voice, through the portal and brilliant guidance of their biointelligent wisdom.

A founding member of the Pilates Method Alliance. the Fascia Research Society and International Association of Structural Integrators, she is a PMA-CPT, a presenter for Pilates Anytime and FusionPilatesEDU , and honored to be a Second Generation Mentor in Balanced Body’s Passing the Torch Mentoring Program.