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Master Teacher Postgraduate Program - Kathy Corey Pilates

Grab the unique opportunity to truly deepen your understanding and your experience in the Art of teaching the Pilates method thanks to Kathy Corey's unique post-grade program.

Kathy Corey is one of the only Master Pilates Teachers who has had the privilege to know each single elder Master Teacher and has that way been granted access to the most valuable knowledge of the first generation teacher's legacy of the Pilates work. Having also been a student of Ron Fletcher, Romana Kryzanowska, Eve Gentry, Bruce King and her dear teacher and friend Kathy Grant, she has learned different concepts of the traditional work that Joseph Pilates taught. Very soon she understood that Joseph's Pilates system was taught differently to each individual in respect to the needs of the person and that Pilates was not about a repertoire of exercices but about what you can do with movement to make it fit each body for the achievement of better health and the greater enjoyment of life.

Each session will focus on specific training for the correct and deep alignment of the body, understanding the importance of the bones, muscles and fascia in order to master the Pilates work from the interior of the body for maximal core control with freedom of movement.
This is a true in depth approach to movement through a life-changing journey of mind-body-spirit just as Joseph Pilates had always intended it to be!

Kathy's post graduate Education Program will help you experience Joseph's vision of "Re-turning" to life through his methodology of movements.

Contact : Katia Hammouche


Dates to be confirmed :

march 6-11 2018
september 4-9 2018
march 5-10 2019
september 3-8 2018

Price : 8600 $ € to 9200 $
Program : 4*5,5 days (22 days)