Pilates Heritage Congress

By selecting Mönchengladbach, Joseph's hometown, as the location of the International Pilates Heritage Congress, Lolita San Miguel and its Board President, Kathy Corey, could not have imagined any other better place to host a Pilates event that honors Joseph and Clara Pilates' life work.

Joseph Pilates' hometown has a special feel that goes beyond description. The little street is full of his history with little cafés where participants can go to enjoy time together sharing Pilates stories. Joseph's plaque and the beautiful venue, "Haus Erholung", are truly to be experienced with passion and curiosity.

The Pilates Heritage Congress wishes to continue to honor Joseph and Clara's work in an atmosphere where the foundation of the Pilates Legacy and its deep knowledge is carefully preserved, exchanged and transmitted from teacher to student, for a united global future, sharing our passion for the Pilates Method.

Heritage is the linking of the present to its original source. The Pilates International Heritage Congress honors Joseph Pilates in his hometown of Monchengladbach, Germany. The purpose of the Congress is to gather dedicated Pilates practitioners from around the world to celebrate the life and work of Joseph Pilates. This year the Congress brings together a unique group of teachers who are directly linked to Joseph Pilates by their teachers. Each one of our presenters studied with a Master Teacher who was privileged not only to learn from Joseph Pilates but also to have Mr. Pilates blessing to teach his work. Along with the original work from Joseph Pilates, this year's congress presents the work as it was taught to our presenters and the Pilates work as they teach it today.

Date: 5-7 mai 2017

Lieu : Studio Pilates Strasbourg, 21 rue Sleidan

Contact : 0671349048